We had huge engagement last Friday with our 2nd creative home school challenge based on the theme of ‘The Ocean and the Seashore‘. Our pupils once again put their fantastic talents on display and came up with some wonderful creations. There were fine examples of drawings, paintings, lego builds, sandpits and poetry to name but a few.

A very impressive feature of some of the work was the reference to the problem of pollution in our oceans and the need for us to work together to keep our oceans and seashores safe and clean.

Fingers crossed, come the summer we will be able to enjoy the seaside once more. Until then, let the pupils of our school help you to imagine life by the sea …..

The Seashore‘, a painting by Rachael
Waves‘, a poem by Daniel
‘Sailing’, a painting by Ava
Just for fun .. ‘Dreaming of Summer’ by Katie