In keeping with our SSE journey in problem solving in maths, we celebrated our 2nd Maths Week this school year. Our focus was particularly on the role maths plays in art, with lots of opportunities given to our pupils to specifically explore the strands of shape & space and measures in various art work.

Our youngest pupils in our two infant classes looked at shape and line in the striking work of Miro. Meanwhile, our 1st and 2nd classes continued the exploration of shape, space and line with paintings by Kadinsky. Our 3rd and 4th classes focused on the role symmetry, shape, line and pattern played in art by Andy Warhol and Laurel Burch. While our senior pupils in 5th and 6th class continued this exploration with art work by Mondrian and Frank Lloyd Wright.

It certainly was a week full of creative and mathematical observation. Well done to the pupils and staff on such fantastic engagement, it was a week where maths was certainly brought to life.

Junior and Senior Infants exploring shape and line –

1st and 2nd class exploring concentric circles –

3rd and 4th class exploring symmetry, shape, line, pattern and problem solving –