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School Facilities

In Scoil Bhríde, we recognise the importance of building on our current on site facilities and resources. Our school grounds and building have been added to over a number of years and provide the best possible educational environment for our pupils, while also keeping our personal feel and our enviable space. We hope to further develop our facilities into the future.

Sensory Room

An additional, quiet and calm area within the school for pupils. This room is equipped with beanbags, sensory equipment and mood lighting. It is also, frequently used by our SET team to enhance the learning environment for our pupils with complex needs.

Multi-surface Area

Used by all pupils through all seasons. This area, only recently established, has added significantly to our sporting facilities on the school grounds. It is a wonderful addition for P.E. and yard times and is enjoyed by all of our pupils.

Large Open Green Playing Areas

We are extremely lucky to have beautiful, open, green spaces surrounding our school. Our pupils benefit from experiencing school life in a rural setting, yet only a short distance from larger towns such as Newbridge and Kildare.

O.T. Equipment

We have invested in specific O.T. equipment overtime, which allows the opportunity for some of our pupils to participate in deep pressure and self-regulation activities during the school day.

Digital Framework

We are committed to the further development of IT within our school and have made good progress to date. Our initial focus was on the improvement of network infrastructures within our physical school building. All of our classrooms currently have access to interactive whiteboards. Additional WiFi hotspots have been installed throughout the building and we have purchased a class set of tablets to continue our good work. We look forward to further developments in our digital plan and welcome the role IT will continue to have for our pupils into the future.