• The school day in Scoil Bhríde begins at 9:00am. Our school gates open at 8:50am and pupils play in the yard until the bell rings. If it is raining, pupils in our two Infant classes go to their classrooms, while pupils from 1st to 6th class drop their school bags into their classrooms, return to the school hall and are supervised until the bell rings at 9:00am.
    We would like to remind all parents/ guardians that pupils are not covered by school insurance until 8:50am daily.
  • When the bell rings, pupils line up according to their class groups and are escorted to their classrooms by the class teacher. Junior Infants may be escorted to their classroom by their parents initially and will then be encouraged to line up with the rest of the school population. We request that all parents/ guardians support pupils in arriving to school on time.
  • Pupils are supervised in the evening until 2:50pm. No supervision is provided after this time, unless pupils are on school business (e.g. attending a match/ training etc.) If a pupil is involved in an after school activity, supervision will only be provided for the participating pupil and staff are not able to accommodate supervision of other family members during this time.
  • The lunch breaks during the school day are at 10:40am and at 12:20pm. Scoil Bhríde operates a Healthy Lunch Policy and no sugary foods, chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks are allowed. Pupils can bring one treat on a Friday. Please note that chewing gum is forbidden and a NO NUT environment is promoted in certain classes to accommodate pupils with allergies. All lunches are eaten in class and no food is brought out to the general yard.
  • The Junior and Senior Infant school day runs until 1:40pm, while the remainder of the classes go home at 2:40pm. Please note that for the first two weeks of the school year, Junior Infants go home at 12:00pm. All classes will be escorted to the entrance of the school by their class teachers.
  • If a parent/ guardian wishes to collect a pupil at an earlier time, the office should be informed, and the information will be passed on to the class teacher. All early collections will be recorded in our data protected log out book in the front foyer.
  • A fortnightly newsletter is emailed to the parent body, which gives an overview of the events taking place in the school during. Parents/ guardians are encouraged to read newsletters and all forms of written communication from the school. This communication may take the form of newsletters, text messages, physical notes, emails etc. School bags should be regularly checked for notes. The school has rolled out the Aladdin Connect system for parents/ guardians and this has helped to improve communication between home and school.