As our school doors currently and sadly remain closed, our pupils have been rising to the challenge of their first creative home project – to create a magic garden of their choice with two simple rules to follow – no technology to be used in the creation and Mams and Dads had to make themselves a cup of tea and enjoy, childrens’ work only! And boy oh boy our pupils did not disappoint – check out some of the amazing work we received from this talented bunch. We are naturally feeling very proud, well done everyone!

Karolina’s Magic Garden!
Ella Dowling’s Magic Garden Video based on her story below –

The Magic Garden
Have you ever wondered what happens in the grass, at first glance it looks like well grass but if you have a closer look you can see a whole other world. This story is about a girl named Jessie and how she came across this world in to her granny’s garden.
It started out as a normal Saturday for Jessie, mom was looking after Ted (her baby brother) and dad was late for work. ‘ Hey Jess, have you seen my tie? ‘ shouted dad, ‘you’re wearing it ‘ she replied ‘ oh thanks honey ‘. Dad rushed out the door ‘bye Jess, bye Ted, bye honey’. ‘Ok so I’m going to drop you and Ted off at gran’s then go to work’ said mom.
     At gran’s Jessie brought Ted outside and they played all day. Jessie looked at the grass and then she saw this weird bracelet, it had magic garden written on it. She put it on and puff she got smaller and smaller and smaller until she was as small as the grass. All of a sudden she heard a train, she looked around and saw a train made of flowers! Then she saw a cat and a dog, they were her size and they were flying! She started hopping on the flowers, she had so much fun. But then it turned dark and she remembered that she had to go home.
  The End